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Sian Lindemann
Founder, Designer and Executive Director 
Sian Design

Sian Lindemann is an artist and has been so for all of her life...

She is also a Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Professional Career Coach
Certified Spiritual Coach
Certified Group Leadership Coach
Certified Master Coach
Certified Master Coach Trainer
Health and Wellness Professional

For over 30 years,
Sian has contributed to the business growth and development
 of world class artists,
and entrepreneurs seeking creative business development, a
and unique strategies for distribution of art  and art related products and services. Sian Lindemann has been the instrument behind the procurement of millions of dollars in sales in the Fine Art, Jewelry, Sculpture and Clothing industries.

 Since 2008, and as a  Certified Professional Life Coach,
 A Certified Master Coach and Trainer
Sian now offers Professional Life Coach Training 
as well as business development to those
who participate in her Live in person,
Live One on One
Or Live Online Trainings
Become A Coach

Sian Design has a significant and comprehensive list of past clients and testimonials, listed below. 
New clients will have an opportunity like never before. 
Business Development and Promotional Services
Launch and immediate and absolute Global Visibility, more swiftly than ever before.

Past Clients

Sian Lindemann Artist, Photographer, Musician, Abstract Painter, Clothing and Costume Designer (Sarongs So Right), Jewelry Designer ( Bling Around The Collar ) Award Winning Landscape and Floral Designer, Actress, Producer, Mentor, Business Coach, Flamenco Dance Enthusiast, Horse "gentler" and all around Creative Tornado -( Ask her closest friends, AND family) Global Shows, Events and Public Exhibitions, Maui, Vancouver, San Francisco, Sweden, Washington State, Scottsdale,The World ~ 
  • Dolphin Galleries, Inc, Maui, Hawaii, VP - Owner/ 10 Years
  • Wyland, Internationally known painter, muralist and environmentalist
  • Loet Vanderveen, Wildlife Sculptor
  • Randy Puckett, Bronze Marine Life Sculptor
  • World Class recognition  and successful career development and sales for Artist David Martorelli
  • Don McMichael, Marine Life Painter, Oregon and Maui
  • Artist ~  Guyol
  • Mac Tippit Fine Jewelry
  • Alan Revere, Fine Jewelry Designer, Shows and Events, Maui
  • Master marketing and promotional development for Master Jeweler David Sacco
  • Island Art Cards, Publishing, Maui, Hawaii - Instrument for the Start Up of this company
  • Chandra Krown, Xtravadance, Internationally known Performance Artist / Aerialist (see Aeriosa, Vancouver, BC Aerialist Perfomances ON the downtown sector, off the side of high rise buildings- "pretty amazing")
  • Fanny Starchild, Cute as a button, and an extraordinary talent from Opera, to Pop, Earthwiz Theatrics / Children's Performance Artist / Singer / and Artist extraordinaire...
  • Crystal Voice Performance Technologies, as utilized by Tony Robbins,  Edwin Coppard, and Sharon Bousquet
  • Leaugonn Starman, Producer, "Never Bored" Snowboard TV commercial
  • Gary Zukav, Author, Seat of the Soul, Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Maui, Hawaii
  • Zana Briski, Academy Award Winning Documentary Film Producer, Born Into Brothels
  • Lowry Olafson - Sweetie pie of a  Folk Musician, House Concert Specialist (Read how he created a global fan club, one house concert at a time) Concert Series on "The Bob," Point Roberts, Washington
  • David LaMotte, Great Folk Singer, Teacher, Poet, and "Road Warrior," Concert Series on "The Bob," Point Roberts, Washington
  • Andrew Cawrse, CG Animator for George Lucas, ILM, Bronze Sculptor, Freedom-of-teach
  • Chris Van Cleave, Stage and Broadway Star, Jesus Christ Superstar and Hair, Masters of Drama University of Virginia, Professor
  • Al Cecere, American Eagle Foundation, Pigeon Forge, Tennesee - Took Al and Challenger to Maui, First Time an American Bald Eagle on the Island of Maui, Hawaii
  • Mischell Riley, Bronze Sculptor, Most well known for the Bronze Lion at The MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, In production PBS Television Series, Commissions, Classes in Berlin, Germany. Having needed to broaden and redirect her business methods and team, Ms Riley was offered installations in China, Promotional Campaigns to Fund The American Eagle Foundation, A complete jewelery and fundraising line for the Fine Arts, and multiple projects for Presidential Library Installations
  • Courtney Milne ~  Renowned Canadian Photographer, Canada, LORD of The Pool of Possibilites. Working with Courtney is one of my greatest challenges, Never met anybody who could expand my thinking on a daily basis, as much as I expand theirs.....Lots of depth in this artist, and extraordinary photography....Offered the ONE and only opportunity to Auction his collection from the International Space Station, as a fund raiser for the International Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Developed The Pool of Possibilities Online Calendar and Journal.
  • Steve Metzner, Fine Art Photographer, Wildlife Conservationist, Philanthropist and really GREAT Dad. Connected Mr. Metzner with the National Zoos for fundraising mural installations across the USA.
  • Patrick Ching, Naturally Hawaiian revamp from staffing to expansion, Hawaiian Traditions Preservationist, GREAT painter, and friend...and he loves Horses as much as me !!
  • Jeff Schomay ~ Graphic Designer, Photographer, Filmaker, "Featured as the graphic designer for Earth Day Birthday International Campaign

  • Jim Zuckerman ~ Fine Art Photography ~ Ongoing promotion for two years
  • Earth Day Birthday ~ Marketing Strategy
  • Lucretia Torva ~ Torva Fine Art ~ Comprehensive Development of Career Strategy, Image and Innovation in Collections Sale, SALES, Commissions, Cultivation to Feature at Concours D'elegance, Pebble Beach,  Ms Torva is now housed at Club E in Phoenix, Arizona ~ CEO Peter Burns
  • Robert Girandola ~ ~ Developed and Published his first book, and are currently working on the marketing strategy for the placement of his new "Static" Collection
  • Ros Webb Art ~International Sales and Gallery Placement ~ Contract Strategy
  • Ashley Hamilton ~ Development of A new Book and marketing strategy to pay for her passion to CLIMB
  • Janet Vanderhoof ~ ~ The Making Faces Collection ~ Strategy
  • Art Ability World ~ International Art Exhibit ~ Online
  • Ricardo Chavez Mendez
  • SianGlobal Fine Art and Photography 
  • Peace Day TV ~ Global Events
  • Wainwright Global Inc ~ Sales, Marketing, Master Trainer ~ 6,000 + Graduates
  • Founder Celebrate World Peace
  • Founder SianGlobal Fine Art and Photography
  • Curator Spark Peace ~ Teens Coaching Teens
  • SianDesign Custom Floral Design
  • Flores Con Brio Collections ~ SianGlobal
  • Pam Jenner ~ Artist

Current ~
SianGlobal Health
SianGlobal Sales, Customer Service Support

For a complete list of clients
Contact 505-351-2396505-351-2396

Client Testimonials

"You think WAY outside the box"  Jim Zuckerman, Corporate Fine Art Photography, 2008

"I am always inspired by your dedication to your artists, your energy, and perserverance ! ( I am grateful to be one of them)"  Rob Badger, photographer, 2008, Winner Fine Art Photo Center Competition, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Thank you for all you DO...." Patrick Ching, Naturally Hawaiian Galleries, 2008

"Sian, You really walk the talk...."  Doug Martin, Smile Vino, 2008

"Before the secret.....there was Sian..."   Brooks Anderson. 2008

"Shift is an understatement."  Sian connected my inner artist, creative writer, and freed the hidden genius and linked the gap in my WOW presentations.  Moreover she possesses a magical coaching niche.  I highly recommend her for creative alignment in niches."  "Always fun to catch up with like-minded empowered women!  YOU SO ROCK!"......Miriam Morales, Writer, 2003

"Have been away in Prague, rented out a 2700 square foot sculpting studio, and have recently had my work accepted into an exhibition in NY, Park Avenue, so finally things are moving...all the best and thanks again."  "Dear Sian, Words cannot express my surprise and gratitude for the wonderful gift you selflessly gave." ....Andrew Cawrse, Bronze Sculptor, CG Modeler / Industrial Light and Magic, San Rafael, California

"Your meer presence and service level is the core value of a potential relationship.  You ARE the SUPERSTAR."  ....David Storrs, Business Development, Bountiful, Utah

"You're a great advisor, with good business sense, intuition, and knowlege"  Al Cecere, Founder, The American Eagle Foundation, Pigeon Forge, Tennesee

"I'm no longer feeling like these new choices for revenue are detours!  It is all interdependent and in service to my core values....I wanted to share with you that I had a meeting in St. Louis last month with the CEO of AWANT Entertainment, Paul Klein and producer Peter Carson and I will soon be signing on as an AWANT recording artist".... Brian Harris, Jazz Composer and Musician, Portland, Oregon

" I am amazed by the amount of drive and focus I have developed in the brief time I have spent working with Sian.  She has opened my eyes to ideas I had never before considered as outlets for my work.  I can honestly say that her worth far exceeds her cost.  I think that anyone in the ART profession could benefit from her talents and knowledge....Thank you so much.  Faith has been restored.  I am very grateful.  You have put a bright light on what I felt to be a dark path.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN."....Tim Wilson, Metal Sculptor, Artist, Salt Lake City, Utah

"You exposed a lot of internal wiring that has been flaying around within me for years.  You tried to help me find ways to rewire those old connections, but I resisted, choosing instead to stubbornly retain an old paradigm that never really worked in the first place, while making a scene in the process.  By not letting go, and not forcing me to look at new possibility thinking, you worked through my "kicking and screaming" nonsense and gave me a new outlook and artistic focus.  Thank you, you did your job expertly!!! I eagerly look forward to more....and spreading the word to other artists of your expertise."  ....  Mike Bathum, Artist, The Works Coop, Bellingham, Washington

"I was impressed with her knowledge and quick thinking in areas relating to my art. Over the past 4 months, she has given me self-confidence in what I do and has shown me that the sky is the only limit.  Prior to working with her I would have been unable to do the things necessary for success.  I learned that if I am to succeed it is I and not someone else that has to do it....I would not hesitate to refer any artist to her knowing that they will get the very best instruction possible.  Any success I have, in the future, I can point to Sian as the reason it happened."..... Steve Metzner, Images on Tile, INC, Reno, Nevada

In New Mexico


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